Tim Headley, an intellectual property lawyer in Houston, Texas, provides his clients the best possible legal representation at the most reasonable cost while maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards.

"In addition to, or in place of, representing you in litigation and charging you by the hour for my time, I will represent you in litigation on a contingent-fee basis, if I believe that there is a reasonable basis for both liability of the proposed defendant, and the recovery of money damages from that defendant," says Tim.

"My Houston-based intellectual property legal practice includes litigation of patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret disputes; opinions regarding the validity and infringement of patents, patent preparation and prosecution; management of worldwide trademark programs, and software licensing."

For professional legal advice on patents, trademarks, copyright, intellectual property issues or IP litigation, contact Tim Headley's Houston, Texas, law office. Call Tim at 713.398.1045 or simply click the blue "Questions?" bubble link to the right.

" I've worked with dozens of attorneys in different specialties and it's rare to find counsel that are as well structured, organized and responsive as Tim is."

Maher Matt Daoudi,
CEO & Founder Skillvo